Partners and Supporters

CHGN-UKC is grateful for the partnership with the following organisations.

Mazars Charitable Trust

Mazars generously donated funds to help the CHGN-UKC (via the Taj Trust) to develop its training programs and materials. Mazars is the philanthropic aim of an international, independent and integrated organisation specialising in audit, accounting, tax and advisory services. Mazars can rely on the skills of 12,500 professionals in the 56 countries which make up its integrated partnership in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Nossal Institute for Global Health (The University of Melbourne)

The Nossal Institute of Global health are providing ongoing research support and technical assistance to the Uttarakhand Cluster. Nossal’s expertise is in education and training and they have a strong India program. Nossal have provided input into the disability awareness training program through curriculum development and support in delivering the program

Tear Australia

Tear Australia were particularly interested in this collaborative interagency model. Tear Australia kindly donated support to fund the inaugural meeting of the cluster in 2008. One Tear Australia staff member, Jenny Beechey, attended the inaugural meeting of the Uttarakhand Cluster.

The Australia-India Council

The Australia-India Council initiates and supports activities designed to enhance awareness and understanding between the peoples and institutions of Australia and India. Under this grant the Nossal Institute of Global Health will work with the Uttarakhand Cluster to document and then disseminate a unique clustering model whereby community health programs cooperate in order to share resources, undertake health training and create an effective platform for advocacy.

TME Resources

In recognition of the strategic importance of the cluster, T.M.E. kindly donated 21 interactive educational DVDs to the Uttarakhand Cluster. We are free to copy these as we need. The cluster facilitator met with Steve Clark, the director of TME and he offered to translate these Hindi DVDs into Garhwali. Please email the Cluster coordinator should you require copies. ENTRUST: The Entrust foundation have helped raise support for the CMC health training certificate.By funding the Cluster training officer salary, the travel scholarships and course fees this grant will allow us to deliver the best possible health training to those most in need from rural and isolated areas in North India.

The Swinfen Trust

Connects doctors working in the developing world with expert medical advice on diagnosis and treatment, by Telemedicine, free of charge. The cluster facilitator visited Lord Swinfen at the House of Lords in order to secure support for Uttarakhand cluster members. Individual cluster members are now able to join this service.

CBM India

who have generously funded the CHGN Uttarakhand Cluster to undertake the Rapid Assessment of Disability project. --- the Rapid Assessment of Disability project has been undertaken in collaboration with The Public Health Foundation of India (The South Asia Centre for Disability Inclusive Development & Research).Maybe link to the PHFI website and CBM India Under partners can we also add The REGE foundation are partnering with us in the formation and support of Disabled People’s Organisations in Uttaralhand.

Partners and Supporters