The Uttarakhand Community Health Cluster is a cluster of over 47 charitable community health programs launched in 2008 covering a catchment area of 3 million people in the Uttarakhand region of India. This community of learning facilitates members to come together and cooperate for mutual benefit and program strengthening. The activities include training meetings, regular sharing of ideas and resources, joint advocacy around tobacco and disability and fellowship.




- We are faith based organisations who come together to transform the lives of the poor and marginalised in Uttarakhand by increasing the effectiveness of community health and development programs

- Coming together to make a difference



- Represent and advocate for cluster members
- Strengthen cluster members through creating a peer-to-peer learning environment, facilitating training and research
- Develop and share trainings and resources
- Confront India's leading health problems, such as: tobacco, injuries, disablity, HIV and AIDS encouraging fellowship
- Facilitate linking and contributing to the national and state health programs

We operate in a spirit of:
- Unity
- Sharing
- Respect for other individuals and organisations
- Transparency
- Quality in our work
- Prayer
- Dependence on God