Disability Training

    Cluster Disability Program:

    The cluster has decided to take on disability as a key area for the cluster. In March 2009, the cluster decided to work more in disability and to produce some materials to help promote awareness about disability. The disability unit at the Nossal institute produced a disability situational analysis for this meeting.

    Disability is a significant health issue in India. In Uttarakhand there are 1,94,769 persons are living with disability. This is thought to be a significant underestimate. 10 per cent of the world’s population lives with a disability—the world’s largest minority. This number is increasing because of population growth, medical advances and the ageing process (WHO). It is estimated that 20 per cent of the world’s poorest people have a disability (World Bank).

    Disability workshop :

    The Nossal Institute helped the cluster to organise a training and awareness program for the Uttarakhand Cluster members. 25 people from different programs attended the workshop which was held in February 2010. Mrs Sana Haidry and Ms Tamara Jolly, as volunteers of Nossal, assisted the development of this training module. A full report of the training is available.